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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Iodine, the 53rd Element... 1938

detail, dow iodine ad, 1938
Another fine Dow Chemical Co ad for iodine... I find it interesting that we have Dow chemical to thank for many of the brominated compounds we are deluged with... in fact, that's how Herbert Henry Dow began his career, by formulating a new process for extracting bromide from brine wells in Michigan(part of the "goiter belt"). But I digress...

Without further ado, an ad from Fortune Magazine, 1938. It seems that even as late as 1938 many of the other medical uses for iodine were known. What, exactly, happened to this knowledge?

I also find it interesting that the visuals in this ad focus on iodine's antiseptic/ topical usage, the tincture of iodine, with the word "poison" clearly visible, even though the use of iodine in lead poisoning , asthma, etc is much more profound than applying it to scrapes, in my opinion...

another Dow chemical iodine ad, 1950. Note that iodine's role  as a medicine is underplayed...:

detail, dow iodine ad, 1938

detail, dow iodine ad, 1938

Dow iodine ad, 1938, Fortune Magazine

And, just for the heck of it, a photograph of a first-day cover of a stamp honoring the American Chemical Society. Dow Chemical has brought much devastation to our planet. I suppose that I'm glad that they extracted some iodine as well, along the way, although in true scientific fashion I am sure that they were not happy leaving my favorite element alone...

First day cover, american chemical society stamp, Dow cachet

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