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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Dr. H. Anders' Iodine Water

Our newest addition to the Iodine History Virtual Museum! I present a pamphlet, "Dr. H. Anders' Iodine Water"', circa 1860. I love the cover illustration, lil' Miss Iodine :)

Dr. H. Anders Iodine Water pamphlet- cover

Dr. H. Anders Iodine Water

Dr. H. Anders Iodine Water pamphlet- back cover

I found an image of one of the bottles online, at the Museum of Historical Medical Artifacts. I would love to have one of these!

from "The Medical World"' 1857 re: iodine water...


Having made reference, a week or two since, to a new preparation of iodine, under the impression that there could not be an aqueous solution, the following communication is not only braced by the declaration of Dr. Chilton, of New York, that each fluid ounce contains half a grain of the iodine, but Dr. Anders explains away the objections that might be urged against a long-continued use of iodine in any form.

To The Editors:

Gentlemen, — Allow me briefly to reply to your article, of 29th October, in The Medical World, relative to Iodine Water. I am the physician and chemist you allude to as the discoverer of the only process known for dissolving iodine in pure water; and I contend it enables the Faculty to exhibit that important therapeutic agent with the most beneficial effects, and unaccompanied by those objectionable results which too often follow the administration of iodine in the ordinary well-established officinal preparations. I contend that if the use of iodine has ever resulted in the obliteration of the glands, or in grave injury to the scrotum, it must have arisen from its usual combination with potassium, mercury, &c. ; for in my personal experience of the past two years, I have exhibited the iodine dissolved in water only, in hundreds of cases of consumption, scrofula, palsy, rheumatism, &c, and always with the happiest results. In one case of pulmonary affection, I gave it to a lady constantly for six months, without occasioning the slightest appearance of the absorption of the breast, and the patient is now hearty, strong, stout, and doing well. In another case I administered the iodine water, for six months, to a gentleman, and the result was his restoration to perfect health, with no diminution whatever of his virile energy. I might adduce other and equally striking instances. The names of the parties alluded to are at your disposal, but I forbear for want of space. I present the facta merely to show the " sovereign therapeutic energy of the new medicine," as you felicitously term it, and at the same time to demonstrate that none of the evil consequences flow from its long-continued use, which we are so ready to apprehend when iodine is given in combination with some other article of the pharmacopoeia.
Yours, respectfully,

Henry Anders, M. D. New York, Nov. 7, 1856.

I have analyzed the " Iodine Water," prepared by Dr. Anders, and find it to be a solution of pure iodine in water. It has long been a desideratum to prepare iodine so that it can be administered in its uncombined state; this preparation by Dr. Anders enables us to effect that object. Each fluid ounce of the water contains about half a grain of iodine.
I consider it a valuable preparation, and one which will prove serviceable in all those cases where the use of iodine is indicated.

James R. Chilton, M. D., Chemist. New York, May 22d, 1856.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

IODINE gives you that Silky Body-Glow!!

Another Ebay score! 

The Thrills, the Magic Health of Bubbly Foam in your own bath, TO-NIGHT!


This advertisement is from  The July 1,  1939 edition of the British Magazine, "Picture Post". The copy is fabulous and I will laboriously transpose it for your reading pleasure below the image.

The Simpson Iodine Foam Bath!

Do you have to work hard all day long and then go home tired out? Go home to-night to a new sensation, a revelation! Take home with you a Simpson Iodine Foam Bath and have the magical health-giving thrill of a sea-foam frolic in your own warm bath.


When you shake the Simpson Iodine Foam Powder into your bath the water turns quickly to a sea green colour. That wonderfully healthy seaside tang, so clean and bracing, comes suddenly into the air. Close your eyes and you might be on the beach. After a little stirring with your hand the water is covered with lovely creamy fizzing foam, alive with the marvelous power of seaweed iodine. Now comes the exciting moment when your body slips into the foamy water. At once your tiredness and fed-up feeling go away. Strength and happiness flow into you as you lie there absorbing the active iodine power which nature in her mysterious way conceals in seaweed. Have a Simpson Iodine Foam Bath to-night. It's a new thrill, a new pleasure, a new sensation that you simply mustn't miss!

Simpson Iodine Foam Bath- detail