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Saturday, January 21, 2012

"iodism" debunked, 1922

source: "Life Shortening Habits and Rejuvenation", by Arnold Lorand, 1922

"...When iodides are given in certain quantities the symptoms of intolerance may present themselves, constituting a condition we term iodism.

These symptoms are due very probably to an exaggeration of thyroid activity. Iodine being contained in the thyroid gland in larger amount than in any other gland and constituting its most important component substance, it will readily be understood that if too much of it is given it will excite an unduly pronounced activity of the gland.

 Strange to say, I have myself observed—and with me a number of others—that frequently even relatively small doses of the iodides produce such an effect, viz., iodism, yet if afterwards larger doses are given, they are well borne and bring about a feeling of well being and all the beneficial effects known to be characteristic of this drug.

I am not among those who look with alarm upon these symptoms of thyroid excitation.

I do not consider it an untoward result if an arteriosclerotic person, with symptoms of sclerosis of the brain vessels, suffers from one of the typical symptoms of iodism, viz., a running at the nose. Indeed, as I show in my book on the improvement of human intellect, such persons ought to be thankful if the circulation of the brain is relieved this way, close relations existing between the circulation of the blood-vessels of the brain and that in the vessels of the nose.

Nor can it be considered as a serious drawback if toxic substances are carried out and deposited at the periphery of the body, in the skin, giving rise to pimples.

A feeling of marked lassitude may also be present as one of these symptoms, and not infrequently also an attenuation of the sexual function.

Not by any means do I consider such a condition of iodism as an unfortunate event, for it is only a passing stage, and if larger doses are given, it may disappear altogether. Indeed, in such cases as I have noted recently, in which large doses of iodides had been given on account of previous syphilitic infection, a marked state of well being can be produced for a certain period of time, with an increase of muscular strength.

Long walks and climbing in the mountains became possible without the subsequent feeling of great fatigue. Likewise the sexual desire reappeared, sometimes even in a higher degree than before the treatment. These persons, furthermore, began to look younger than their age, and in general became decidedly more vigorous..."


Lynne said...

This adding more iodine to help detox is a method Trapper has found worked on himself. "Double down detox."

Great to find historical support for our empirical observations!

Laura said...

This was all before the infamous fabrication- the Wolff- Chaikoff effect... enthusiam was high for over 100 years:) generally....