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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Joy joy mit Iodine!

"Uter" from The Simpsons
Warning: not much substance here... :-)just cuteness!

Meet "Uter" from the Simpsons animated television show! A delightful little rotund German exchange student known for his love of candy, especially chocolate, and JOY JOY Marzipan  mit IODINE!!

This little guy came with a stack of books(of course, he's smart, he takes IODINE), a couple of(I presume) candy sticks and of course his bag of joy joy marzipan mit iodine!

He seems to love food, especially candy and he's happy to share...

My only interest in the character is the fact that he consumes iodine-enriched Marzipan, of course. From what I understand, these characters will speak if they're placed on a Springfield interactive environment. I wonder if he says "JOY JOY MIT IODINE"!!!??? 

A little Uter sharing the joy joy :