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Sunday, April 7, 2013

IODINE gives you that Silky Body-Glow!!

Another Ebay score! 

The Thrills, the Magic Health of Bubbly Foam in your own bath, TO-NIGHT!


This advertisement is from  The July 1,  1939 edition of the British Magazine, "Picture Post". The copy is fabulous and I will laboriously transpose it for your reading pleasure below the image.

The Simpson Iodine Foam Bath!

Do you have to work hard all day long and then go home tired out? Go home to-night to a new sensation, a revelation! Take home with you a Simpson Iodine Foam Bath and have the magical health-giving thrill of a sea-foam frolic in your own warm bath.


When you shake the Simpson Iodine Foam Powder into your bath the water turns quickly to a sea green colour. That wonderfully healthy seaside tang, so clean and bracing, comes suddenly into the air. Close your eyes and you might be on the beach. After a little stirring with your hand the water is covered with lovely creamy fizzing foam, alive with the marvelous power of seaweed iodine. Now comes the exciting moment when your body slips into the foamy water. At once your tiredness and fed-up feeling go away. Strength and happiness flow into you as you lie there absorbing the active iodine power which nature in her mysterious way conceals in seaweed. Have a Simpson Iodine Foam Bath to-night. It's a new thrill, a new pleasure, a new sensation that you simply mustn't miss!

Simpson Iodine Foam Bath- detail


just thinking said...

This conjurs such a luxurious feeling. I'd buy it myself, and I'm a shower girl :)

Laura said...

JT!!!! Thx for commenting:) I know it does, huh? The sea-green foam... should be purple!